Business Relocation Services

Get Connected with Business Relocation Services

Signed the lease? Now it's time to get connected…

Moves and relocations are considered a "significant event" in the life of a company. We find that over 80% of companies that are relocating purchase a new phone system prior to their move.  ALL of these companies will need voice and data services. We've partnered with the leading providers of these services!


Network Services Corp. can do all or any of the following to make your upcoming moveeasier:

  • Place all orders relating, to voice, internet access, mobility and cybersecurity on your behalf
  • Make recommendations and help negotiate the purchase of a new phone systems that fit your needs
  • Coordinate with your vendors to move and install necessary hardware in your new office space.
  • Provide all cabling infrastructure needs for your new office space. Bring your attention to money savings promotions that you may not otherwise be informed about.

Overall, we make getting your office connected as easy as possible within the time frame that you require. This allows you to concentrate on other things, like running your business. It doesn't cost your business more to use Network Services Corp. You might ask: Am I paying more for Network Services Corp. to handle my telecom needs? Because we are an authorized Service Provider for many providers, they pay us directly to help you. Is it less expensive to order your services directly? The answer is NO. The prices are the same, but Network Services Corp. will provide you with a personalized level of service and we take ownership of the entire process. So you are getting the best of both worlds: reliable service from the world's premier telecommunications provider coupled with a personalized level of service from Network Services Corp. Our goal is to keep your business as a long term satisfied customer.