Business Voip

Get Connected with VOIP Solutions from NSC.


Our business Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solutions give you a unified communications package with everything you need to run your business. We focus on Hosted and Cloud communications solutions that are powerful, reliable, secure and advanced. Do you have multiple locations? A salesforce of road warriors? How about an inbound or outbound call center? VOIP business solutions let you connect all your locations and workers under one unified solution. Solutions such as: HD phone service with Unlimited International Calling to 50 plus countries, HD Conferencing, Faxing, Broadband, One-source billing and much more! The best part is our solutions will save you money and time.


Working with your existing legacy telecommunications system Businesses can leverage a VoIP technology called SIP Trunking with their legacy phone system, saving up to 70% on their phone bill and without incurring a huge capital outlay. This solution will often use a gateway, and all voice communication is sent over the internet instead of a traditional phone network.

Phone systems connecting SIP Trunking directly from the internet to the PBX will realize exceptional voice quality, increased reliability of service, and immediate cost savings. This can all be done while utilizing the hardware the business already has on hand. This is a great and practical solution especially when budget constraints don’t allow a business to purchase additional pieces of equipment or an entirely new phone system. The business essentially makes use of what it has in order to provide continued upgraded benefits to its customers in a seamless manner. Find out if hosted or managed VOIP is a good fit for your business by contacting us today.